Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have started some search engines with the new Google approach to customisation. I still think Eurekster and Swickis will survive as they are more like a network. The design tolerates muddle and ambiguity, at least the way I use it. The Google approach seems to be looking for where to concentrate for maximum traffic. This is not always the best way to make new connections or allow for changes.

On the learn9 site there is a diagram 'hello spiders' where the swickis more or less fit together.

The Google ones are just about four things -PDF, ISO 9000, quality and learning. There is an overlap but you would have to do the same search in more than one of them. this assumes I manage to build some influence into them eventually. So far they seem to largely follow the main Google system.

'Learning' seems to me to be a good term, the fact this is an online search engine is enough of a clue without using e-learning, or ICT, or technology enhanced learning or networked management learning or information systems or whatever is claimed to exist at the moment. Last week at the LCC Futures Conference there was a fairly convincing case made that most e-learning projects have failed in their stated intentions as designed. However in the discussion on web design and Web 2.0 there was frequent use of the word 'learning', just to describe something that happens in normal life. Normal life includes the web so the technical term may be 'blended learning' though 'learning' has a meaning for most people.

There is one about ISO9000 as I realise this is still important. The learn9 swicki gets more searches on this than I expected. The 'quality' one will have a much wider scope, including critique of ISO9000 and alternatives.

There is another one about PDF, a scope that includes print and web. As an Adobe fan, i try to keep an open mind about Flash but I think PDF will be a focus for a while yet.

Links to the new search engines-

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