Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One theme that will probably come up in Lancaster is that on the web there are many 'weak links', so many that ideas around a 'community of practice' stop making much sense.

Recently a friend in Exeter has started to blog so I can experiment a bit in exchanging some words online and then check out what he makes of it in real time and space. The blog is here.

My first comment is that this is not yet much of a blog as such. It is a copy of an article. Also as it was originally written for a Buddhist audience it needs more explanation for the open world of blogging. What are the "Brahma Viharas" ? I have found a website through Google but need some confirmation this is along the same lines as the blog.

Western Buddhism is definitely a useful reference point, relevant currently for discussing OhmyNews and ideas about quality. Fortunately if I try to write about 'Asian values' and management theory the editors at OhmyNews can rewrite it to appear resonable. Making sense of this in a way that can work in the UK is going to be more complicated. There are a lot of Christians in Korea by the way. Generalising is problematic but that probably won't stop me.

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