Monday, June 05, 2006

The good news is that comments are now working ok on the Auricle blog. Not sure why this never worked for me before. I started a Talk topic at the Guardian instead. I will try to keep the Guardian one going enough not to be deleted. It should be a useful place for comments around . For the next few months I will be working around a paper for the conference on the 'knowledge economy' organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster. I don't think the paper will be accepted but it is a useful chance to sort out some ideas.

Meanwhile I am getting some response on the new swickis for learn9 and 'anti-performativity'. A swicki is a form of managed search engine that builds on feedback. I get stats on existing terms and new ones. At the moment 'anti-performativity' gets most interest. 'learn9' is not known, I guess. I think the 'critique' view is definitely part of the discussion, evn though i see it mostly as a block to linking ideas on learning and quality. Maybe during the conference someone will explain how a form of action would follow from 'anti-performativity' in the context of the knowledge economy.

I have also done a guide to several swickis as a hello for spiders.

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