Friday, February 24, 2006

I have put about learning through games in the animX blog. Games are now well thought of. The Careers Day established that almost all work in animation studios is on short term contracts. No shame apparent from the panel in suggesting that about the only way in is to offer to work for free. By contrast there are still employment contracts in the games industry, even though most companies go bust.

Anyway, back to learning theory. The games as learning link came from Donald Clark's blog based on his talk about 'informal learning'. I guess I can cut and paste about three paragraphs-

I don't want to pit formal learning against informal learning. It's simply a matter of balance. We have far too much time, money and effort spent on the formal side, while the informal side receives little or no attention. It's not that there's a lack of ideas and opportunitiess at relatively low cost.

Level 1 - Word of mouth
1. Open office structure
2. Proximity and line of sight seating
3. Non-departmental seating
4. Staff area with relevant magazines
5. Budget for staff get-togethers
6. Brown bag lunches
7. Book club/Budget for books on Amazon

Level 2 - Word of mouse
1. Skills database or profiles
2. Intranet with workflow structure and linked learning
3. Online quality system linked to workflow
4. EPSS software
5. Email
6. Instant messenger
7. Discussion boards
8. Blogs
9. Wikis
10. Podcasting
11. Syndication

MMORPG is short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game, see Wikipedia

This is another chance to mention the very welcome return of actual space connected to the web. Life Bytes has a site opposite the Odeon on Sidwell Street, Exeter. 01392 214214. Any budget for upgading the kit will probably depend on the games aspect. There will also be a training policy.

The 'word of mouse' list includes an online quality system linked to workflow. This is what the learn9 site is about. It has become a bit of a mess, but will be sorted soon.

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