Thursday, November 24, 2005

Getting ready for Online Information next week.

I am experimenting with a 'Content Management System' , hosted by Open Mute

My site is a test, not sure how it will develop. The RSS feeds should be there.

I have added another RSS feed found on the official Online Information blog

link for this source

Also I have put in a question about the Open Document format into the blog.

I think there could be more interest in the Open Document during the event. Open source ideas are getting stronger. there is a lot of interest in wikis and blogs. Open Documents could go a stage further. The format is not just a clone of commercial formats such as Word .doc or Acrobat .pdf . It has advantages on both as far as I have discovered so far. XML is arguably a better archiving format than PDF. So far only Open Office 2 is widely available as a way to edit Open Documents. In theory any form of document based collaboration could be possible through open source software.

Hope to find out more over the next week or so.

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