Thursday, November 17, 2005

Checking out the Adult College in Lancaster. The free web access was fully used but a cup of coffee later and there are three screens available.

In the Guardian Jack Schofield is writing about Web 2.0. It seems that Microsoft has convinced him there is something going on. Still not clear what Web 2.0 is.

"Where Web 1.0 was mainly a publishing medium, Web 2.0 offers more flexibility and interactivity." That is a quote from Jack Schofield, proper print journalist copied from actual hard copy. Not a blog or conference pitch from San Francisco.

As memory serves Tim O'Reilley compares publishing and collaboration as features of 1 and 2. Not time enough to check this at the moment. Only twenty minutes a session allowed, but the web access is free and the coffee is cheap.

Victor Keegan on the Opinion page suggests that Open Office 2.0 is "much improved" but not yet "friendly enough for most users". It may be no less friendly than Microsoft if you get used to it. I am trying to learn more about the few features I can't yet get to work. At the social Source meeting last week I found out a bit about the Open Document format. This is XML based. They claimed it was better for storing documents than PDF, even if PDF was used for publishing. So far as I know Open Office is the main software currently available for Open Documents.

In time, this format could be used for online collaboration in as many software contexts as are imagined.

Meanwhile Adobe server software is still expensive, I think. So PDF is unlikely to be seen as a collaboration format by many people.

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