Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Next week is Alt-C in Exeter. I am planning to update the website at This week during the Science Festival there is an effort ot check out 'wi-fi Exeter'. So far I think this is showing some basis in reality. PC World has a BT openzone that works ok. The Southgate Hotel has a Freespot but is not really promoting it. During Alt-C there will be a Freespot at the Peter Chalk centre. It will be interesting to see if people use it. Maybe some will visit Life Bytes and use a desktop near to coffee.

I will also load various bits that may not hang together. Since Networked Learning I have tried to look at 'modes 1 and 2 knowledge' and 'knowledge creating company'. I am fairly sure that e-learning is not a mode 1 subject. Also quality fits in there somewhere. I have tried to get some discussion going on the Guardian talkboard. The recent ISO survey on ISO 9000 certificates shows growth in China but decline in UK. I think there is some connection with attitudes to quality in the UK, partly caused by attitudes in education. Also the business talk topics tend to get deleted. So i am relying on the education page to keep something about Deming and quality.

Next week I will try to clarify some things on the site. Alt-C will be a good background.

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