Sunday, November 16, 2003

Not sure where else to put this. Also not sure if I can lift this much text. From Jerry Pournelle on the Byte site. This is Comdex week and the context for most of my study on quality has been the gradual spread of technology through media such as Byte.

It may be that Comdex 2003 has not much happening in real time and space. Who knows? It has got an agenda and much stuff will relate. Adobe have a link on their events site but no stand as it appears and no speakers. Global Graphics have a stand but they have to try harder. Not much chance of Adobe spending money at Seybold Amsterdam if they think their website covers Comdex.

Maybe this post is part of the learning log as the theory is getting stable enough to cope with some current issues.

Adobe PDF was Byte best in show about 10 years ago, maybe 11. Expect more time warp shifts. Jerry Pournelle may write some new stuff later this week in which case expect a link.

"The last year that BYTE gave the "Best of COMDEX" awards, we gave the Best of Show award to the Linux Pavilion, and several Linux products won technical excellence awards (we presented them with the help of an actress in a penguin suit). The Linux Pavilion was one of the most exciting places at COMDEX that year. This year you could hardly find a Linux company. Linux was there, but well hidden. Ernest Lilley says that's the story of Linux in a nutshell: Its greatest successes are buried in servers that no one sees, and because of their reliability, no one thinks about…

Even better hidden was a conference on Apache held at the Alexis Park Hotel, and publicized so badly that I didn't learn of it until it was over. Perhaps that's where the Linux companies were: You sure couldn't find any of them at COMDEX. "

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